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First Option Insurance is offering group health insurance solutions in Utah.

Group Health Insurance

What is group health insurance?

Many employees in Utah secure their health insurance coverage through an employer-provided plan. This is most often a group health insurance plan, and its coverage can be an extremely important part of employees’ total pay.

Group health insurance is underwritten for a group of people, usually the employees of a business but not always. Providing coverage to a group can be highly beneficial for employees/members.

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Who in Utah should offer a group health plan?

Many Utah businesses can benefit from offering group health insurance to their employees. Not only can it help attract and retain top talent, but it can also reduce employee turnover. For certain positions, offering this benefit is essential for attracting and retaining skilled workers.

Additionally, some nonprofit organizations also make group plans available to their members. This may include professional organizations, unions, or nonprofits that aren’t focused on work.

While many businesses can benefit from offering group health insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Each business should carefully consider its financial situation and the needs of its employees, and choose a plan that works best for both parties. An insurance agent who knows these policies well can help businesses choose the most appropriate group health plan for their needs.

Do businesses have to provide a group plan for their employees?

Businesses may be legally required to provide group coverage for their employees. Requirements depend largely on how many employees a business has, with large businesses typically having stricter requirements than smaller ones. Small businesses might qualify for substantial tax credits even if they aren’t required to give coverage.

Group Health Insurance

Can the self-employed get group health coverage?

Self-employed business owners who have employees can usually get a group health plan that covers everyone involved in the business’s operations. This often includes the business owner, provided they have a hands-on role.

Self-employed professionals who have no employees will likely find group health coverage more difficult to secure. They might get it through a trade or professional association, but probably can’t get it for just themselves.

Who in Utah is eligible for group health plans?

Group health plans are typically available to all qualified members of a covered group. This includes both individuals with preferred or lower health risks, as well as those who present higher risks. Eligible individuals can often extend their coverage to include their immediate family members.

By spreading the risks across a larger group, insurers can better manage the risks presented by higher-risk individuals. This makes it easier for insurers to provide coverage to these individuals, and is sometimes the only way for individuals with health conditions to obtain coverage.

Are all employees covered under a group health plan?

If an employer offers a group health plan, qualification is often determined by the employee’s hours worked and length of service. Full-time employees may be covered, while part-time employees may not. Furthermore, employees may only become eligible for coverage after a probationary period.

If an employee meets the hours and tenure requirements, they’re typically able to join the employer’s group health plan.

Group Health Insurance

Do group health insurance plans include vision and dental coverage?

Generally, group health insurance plans do not include vision and dental coverage. However, these types of coverage can usually be added to a company’s benefits package through separate policies. An insurance agent with expertise in group health plans can assist businesses in exploring their vision and dental coverage options.

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How can Utah businesses get group health insurance?

For help finding the right group health insurance plan for your Utah business, contact the independent insurance agents at First Option Insurance. Our experienced agents have helped many businesses find the right group plans for their employees, and we’re ready to assist you.

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