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What is RV insurance?

Motorhomes have similarities with both vehicles and residences, and the insurance policies that Idaho motorhome owners should reflect that. RV insurance combines various coverages from auto policies and homeowners policies to give motorhome owners the combination of protections they need.

RV insurance is tailored to protect against the unique combination of risks that owning a motorhome presents. Policies typically cover the motorhome, belongings and the owner.

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RV Insurance Utah

Who in Idaho should have RV insurance?

RV insurance is generally recommended for anyone in Idaho who owns an RV. This broadly includes those who own camper vans, converted buses, fifth wheels and other similar vehicles.

While many coverages are recommended, some specific ones are required. For instance, the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage is generally required when you take your RV on the road. If an RV is financed or leased, the lender likely requires comprehensive, collision, and gap coverages.

Regardless of any state or lender requirements, many protections with substantial limits are normally recommended. Properly insuring an RV usually involves securing more protection than the bare minimum.

What coverages are available through RV insurance policies?

RV insurance policies offer a range of coverages to meet the varied needs of RV owners. Some of these coverages are more similar to auto insurance protections, while others resemble homeowners insurance protections.

Examples of common auto-related coverages include:

  • Personal Injury Coverage: This typically covers injuries sustained by the driver and any passengers of the RV.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: This typically covers injuries to passengers in other vehicles, or to pedestrians.
  • Collision Coverage: This typically covers damages to the RV from accidents involving other vehicles.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This typically covers damages to the RV from non-collision incidents, such as damage from wildlife or falling branches.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: This typically covers damage to other vehicles or property.
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This typically covers accidents caused by drivers who do not have adequate auto insurance.

Some examples of other coverages that many RV insurance policies offer include:

  • Personal Property Coverage: This usually protects belongings in the RV, such as clothing, electronics, dishware and souvenirs.
  • Emergency Expenditure Coverage: This usually protects against unforeseen expenses, like food and accommodations, when travel plans are unexpectedly disrupted.
  • Campsite and Vacation Liability Coverage: This usually protects against incidents causing harm to others that occur when the RV is set up at a campground or other location.
  • Full-Timer Coverage: This usually gives additional protections for RV owners who live in their RV full-time, and don’t maintain another primary residence.
RV Insurance Utah

What are the different classes of motorhome policies?

Motorhome insurance policies are often categorized into classes, which are primarily based on the size and type of the RV being covered. The three main classes include:

  • Class A policies typically cover big motorhomes and full-size converted buses
  • Class B policies typically cover medium motorhomes, camper vans and towed travel trailers
  • Class C policies typically cover small motorhomes and fifth-wheel trailers

Should RV owners include personal property coverage in their motorhome policy?

While personal property coverage is optional in most situations, it can be a critical part of an RV insurance policy. This coverage may protect anything from miscellaneous items, to valuable laptops and cameras.

Personal property coverage is a standard part of most homeowners insurance policies, but not all policies protect to the same extent. Some policies primarily cover belongings when they’re at the insured residence. Other policies extend coverage to most anywhere.

If belongings aren’t covered by a homeowners policy when they’re in an RV, then personal property coverage likely should be procured through an RV policy. This might be the case if a homeowners policy is more restrictive with its coverage, or if full-timers don’t have a homeowners policy.


RV Insurance Utah

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help RV owners evaluate their personal property coverage needs, and make an informed decision about the coverage.

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How can Idaho residents get RV insurance for their motorhomes?

Navigating through the standard and optional protections that Medicare provides can be complex. For help evaluating Medicare Advantage plans and other plan options, contact the independent insurance agents at First Option Insurance in Utah.

If you have an RV to insure, contact the independent Idaho insurance agents at First Option Insurance. Our team will work closely with you to find an RV insurance policy that’ll keep your motorhome and yourself protected well.

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